Threefold Export Combines Pvt Ltd

Polyester Filament Yarns

We are instrumental in exporting and supplying of Polyester Filament Yarns that are available in non- intermingled , semi- intermingled and high intermingled nips/ meter. These Polyester Filament Yarns are manufactured using cutting-edge technology and from quality materials.

  • 75 denier, 150 denier 300 denier 450 denier in filament varying from 34f, 48f, 96f 108 f and 144f in 1-Heater yarn ( HE) and 2 Heater yarn ( Set), in semi dull Raw white & Dope dyed yarns in Black, Brown , Navy and Red colours
  • Polyester POY from 84 denier/34f for Final DTY 50 denier/34f 126/34f for final 75/34 DTY, 245/48f POY for PDTY 150/48f.

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